2019 Election - Tips To Keep N-power Beneficiaries Safe

It is quite unfortunate that some group of people have taken it upon themselves to ridicule the impact N-power beneficiaries are creating across Nigeria within their community and state, and her now making hate speech against this young energetic Nigerian youths who are doing great things in their communities.

Some of the state governors now look at N-power beneficiaries with suspicion. But why the fear? We are all at this while working for them while the Federal Government pays the stipend, they never appreciated us with any kobo neither do they give us verbal commendation despite the fact that we man their empty classes, serve as health extension workers in their health centres and as Agric extension workers while they save millions.

What they should be thinking of is how to provide this volunteers who are doing tremendous jobs with appointment letters because the are qualified and they are citizens and are part of the so called unemployed youth today.

The Federal Government have done their part by initiating the Npower programme which has reduced poverty and frustration of Many Job seekers in Nigerian today and any attempt to ridicule the programme will get us back to zero level instead of moving to the NextLevel

As a result of this, it is very important that we the N-power beneficiaries take precaution at this period when some people are trying undermine our good job and paints us bad in the eyes of Nigerians because of their political agenda. I thereby call on all Npower beneficiaries to stay safe during this period by following the safety tips below:
1. We the Npower beneficiaries already know our choice and on the day of the election quietly go and vote for your preferred presidential and governotoral candidate

2. Please do not wear your N-power skits to the election venues to avoid suspicion and attack from political tugs. You are all aware about the comment going round about N-power been used to rig election. So, avoid anything that will paint us black.

3. Do not engage in any election malpractices or allow your selves to be use as political tugs.

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