How To Successfully Complete And Submit P-YES Online Application Form

We have been receiving comments from P-YES applicants regarding the issue of guarantors form. So, we decided to create this article to guide you in submitting your online application successfully. The P-YES online application has 5 steps and to become a beneficiary of the presidential youth empowerment scheme, you must take some time to fill the five step on the registration portal. Note that you can save your information while filling the online form when you don't have all the required information available at the time of registration to enable you come back later to continue. Just be sure to save your information by clicking "Save for later" and you can login at a later date to continue. Below are the 5 step involved in P-YES application:

STEP 1: Bio data and contact details

STEPS 2: Employment business and program history

STEP 3: Referees and next of kin

STEP 4: Area of interest and next level beneficiary

STEP 5: Documentation attestation and submission

Make sure you fill all these five required steps and upload all the required documents including the guarantor form before you finally submit your application. in case your guarantor form is not ready, complete step 1 to 4 and save pending when your guarantor form is ready then you can return to complete step 5 which required you to upload the following document: a.ID Card, b. Passport photo, c. State origin certificate d. Guarantor form. Click here to download the guarantor form

How to fill your guarantor form:

After downloading your guarantor form, get a community leader or a religious leader in your community to fill the form, signed and stamp the form before you upload. with this be rest assured that your application would stand a better chance to be considered.

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Remember, if you are experiencing problem you can contact P-YES through this emails: [email protected], [email protected] or call: 08097222226

NOTE: P-YES recruitment is free

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  1. Please l have registered for the pyes but I have not submit the guarantor form how can I submit it. I tried long in today I was told that the registration has been closed


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