How To Use Phone Scanner To Format Documents For P-YES Upload

The Presidential Youth Empowerment Scheme have currently reached its quota for applications and this phase of the scheme has been closed till further notice. However,  if you have already signed up at , you can still log in at and complete your application.

To upload a document you must make sure your documents are less than 2MB in size and are of the formats. Jpg, png, or gif . If you try to upload your documents and still having error or difficulties, simply follow the steps below to successfully upload your documents:

Step 1: Snap all the required document, passport, ID card, State origin certificate and guarantor form and save it in your phone gallery.

Step 2: Go to google play store and search for Scanner for document, list of scanners will display for download, simply  download the clear scanner to scan your documents into the right format.

Step 3: After you have successfully installed the scanner, go to your phone app list and open the clear scanner

Step 4: There are two options to scan your document with the clear scanner, you either snap the document or go to your gallery and upload the document and scan.

For detailed illustration, watch the video below:

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  1. What happens if you put the images in without scanning them like I did


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