N-Power Volunteers In High Hope For Buhari Victory In Today's Presidential Election

The Npower Volunteers across the country troop out to vote President Buhari in his quest to be reelected to serve as the President of Nigeria for the second term. This is in appreciation for the opportunities Buhari Administration has provided for thousands of Nigerian Youths.

They believe that by voting president Muhammadu Buhari to serve for second term, more job opportunities will be provided for Nigerian youths and more people will benefit from the N-power programme and other job creation scheme as promised by Buhari Administration.

Before the Election, Npower volunteers were seen across the country rallying for President Buhari reelection. Their support for president buhari across all social media platform is overwhelming. They are all hoping that their support and vote will never go in vain as they wait patiently praying and hoping for INEC to declare Buhari winner of today's elections.

If not for anything, for the sincerity and clear method used for recruitment in Npower programme which was tag in the history of Nigeria as the free and fair method ever used to recruit beneficiaries of any social intervention programme is enough to reelect him.

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