The Impact Of Npower And N-SIP Beneficiaries And Families To Buhari Reelection

N-power beneficiaries and other National Social Investment Programme (N-SIP) beneficiaries of Buhari Administration contributed tremendously as electorates to the reelection of President Muhammad Buhari.

The electorates are the backbone and success of any vibrant democracy and power belong to the electorates as such any serious leader who wants to take a key position such as President in a country, must be ready to make the ordinary citizens feel the dividend of their votes. N-power and other N-SIP beneficiaries are among many other electorates that benefited from Buhari Administration.

President Muhammadu Buhari and his team were able to achieve success because of the extent they went in making sure that ordinary Nigerians feel their impact and in appreciation, they decided to obliged them another four years to provide dividend of democracy to the people of Nigeria.

Let's look at the impact of N-power beneficiaries and other National Social investment programme (N-SIP) beneficiaries in the reelection of President Buhari to serve for the second term:

When President Buhari and his vice Osinbajo came into office in 2015, their first plan was to reduce poverty and they decided to invest in People through the National Social Investment Programmes (N-SIP). The N-SIP Scheme comprises of programmes such as N-power, NHGSFP, GEEPMarketmoni, Tradermoni, Farmermoni and Hupcct.

These Programmes empowers thousands of Nigerians across all Level, the poor of the poor, Graduates, non-graduates, market women and farmers etc. These beneficiaries and some members of their family played a key role in the return of Buhari Administration.

For instance, the 500,000 N-power beneficiaries and votes from other members of their family which they were able to convince to vote for Buhari will probably be up to 2 million not talking about votes from beneficiaries of other National social investment programme and their families. These set of people play a very important role in the reelection of  President Buhari

Any Leader who wants to win a key leadership position in our society today should be ready to put the ordinary people first because Nigerians are wiser now and are ready to elect leaders who have them at heart

Lesson to learn

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  1. Hello fellow nigerians I am using this opportunity to express my happiness for re-election of president Muhammad Buhari for his second term in office.I also thanks electorates for exercising their franchise peacefully.thanks Mr president.

  2. Baba you are wonderful Allah put all your enemies including PROPHET in shame. Baba the gre


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