2016 Npower Volunteers Ponder At April MTN Data Delayed

The 2016 Npower Volunteers Ponder as the usual free data giving by N-power is delayed for the month of April, and some beneficiaries are beginning to think that maybe is a prank. Since today is April 1st MTN maybe playing April fool with them and some are wondering maybe the program has come to an end.

One thing I remember is that Npower has advice volunteers mostly the 2016 beneficiaries to always avoid speculating on an issue such as this, and same goes to speculating in delay of stipends payment which may create an impression in the mind of uninformed volunteers that the programme is ending. Read also:Reopening Of Npower 2019 Recruitment Portal

Below are reactions of some volunteers regarding delay in April data:

I checked my data bundle balance at 4:30am this morning, l discovered no data bundle was given to me in my npower Sim card for the month of April as usually given every month. What about you? Or since election is over does it mean that the program has ended?

Great Apec :
201 6 beneflciar Who have received MB for the month of April

Fe Mi:

Has any 2016 received free data today?

Npower what's happening? No MB

Dastko V:
No data renewal. Anyone here with a reasonable answer?

Wait 0000 is MTN trying to play APRIL fool with 0our MB or has Npower stopped the subscription for beneficiaries?

If the collection of device is not up to a year‚ you will get MB.

One thing remains for sure! Npower will surely address volunteers on  the cause of the April data delay. Remember  in 2016 Npower partner with MTN to provide one year free 750 MB to beneficiaries to enable them surf the internet and also use their device to study the learning materials in their device and also acquire digital skills.

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  1. Pls,what about the backlogs?l am still owe four month backlogs (from Dec 2016 to March 2017)and I'd submitted all the necessary documents to the npower site but I've not received any alert pertaining to that and pls,help me to check if my name is among those that will receive backlog alert this month.l am Adejoke Adesanya 2016 volunteer (nteach) from Ogun State.my phone no 07034731228


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