Npower Stipend Payment For The Month Of May 2019

The Npower Beneficiaries Stipends Payment for the month of May 2019  will as usual be paid when due, as it is expected to be paid from 29 May and 7nd June 2019. Remember the usual payment is done in batches depending when you receive your alert. Some time your bank might delay your payment. Don't panic, all payments will be paid accordingly when the payment begins.

Some of you were also asking whether there will be Stipends increment since the National Minimum wage for the civil servants has been approved at N30,000. The Good news is that the national minimum wage has been increase and approved at N30, 000 for civil servants. This will apply to all workers across the country but exception of Npower scheme, since the programme is just a volunteer scheme. If there will be an increment, we believe that Npower will gladly update you.

As regards to Npower Enhancement that many Npower 2016 Beneficiaries has been asking to know about, Npower have asked beneficiaries to remain calm, information regarding to that will be announced at due course, probably soon. At the moment the 2016 beneficiaries has been asked to continue working while the earn. Be rest assured that you will know your fate soon, the extension of your volunteer scheme is not political but a way to enhance and better empower you for future endeavors.

Further more, Npower have asked the 2017 beneficiaries to remain calm as regard to their device selection and distribution. A date will be announce soon for the process. So you are required to stay tuned to Npower social media channels for update.

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  1. Payment of stipends for 2019 suppose to start from 29th May even when it is public holiday as you promised. what happened sir ? I have seen or heard any who receives alert

  2. Sir,i salute your kind gesture and his Excellency the president for sustaining the us (unemployed) youths uptill this time but,sir consider that we all buy from the market and as soon as marketers know that they have increase workers' salaries, they would also increase the price of things. Sir,don't you think it would affect your beloved Npower beneficiaries? Sir please let's have a rethink on that.


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