NSIP Building Professionals For Public And Private Sector Recruitment Purpose - President Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari Address the Nation today 12th June 2019 as Nigerians celebrate democracy day, he talked about a lot of things in his speech. However, we picked some important keywords that may interest you as Npower Volunteer.

Below are some of the things he said:

1) Our Government will continue work to reduce social and economic inequality through targeted social investment programs, education, technology and improved information.

2) Our social intervention programs are a model for other nations. Together with state governments, we provide millions of school children with meals in primary schools, micro loans to traders and entrepreneurs, skills and knowledge acquisition support to graduates and of course, conditional cash transfers to the poorest and most vulnerable in our society.

3) A database of poor and vulnerable households is being carefully built based on age, gender, disability, educational levels for proper planning in this Administration‘s war against poverty.

4) A database of unemployed but qualified youth has also been developed under the National Social Investment Programme which can be used by the public and private sectors for recruitment purposes. Cumulatively, nearly 2 million beneficiaries have received aid under this Programme apart from Anchors Borrowers Programme and School Feeding initiative each reaching 2 million recipients. And we will do more. Much more.

5). Fellow Nigerians, Your Excellencies, Ladies & Gentlemen, we know that there exists a strong correlation between economic inequality and insecurity. When economic inequality rises, insecurity rises. But when we actively reduce inequality through investments in social and hard infrastructure, insecurity reduces.

6) The disturbing increase in rates of kidnapping, banditry and other criminal activities can be attributed to the decades of neglect and corruption in social investment, infrastructure development, education and healthcare.

7) With Leadership and a sense of purpose, we can lift 100 Million Nigerians out of poverty in 10 years

Click here to read Buhari democracy day full speech

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