Meet The Top 3 Startup Nigeria 2019 Winners

Finally! The day we’ve been waiting for is here Startup Nigeria 2019 Demo Day! The startups have pitched, the judges have deliberated, and Startup Nigeria is happy to announce that they have selected the top 3 winners!

At Ventures Platform Hub, in North Central Abuja, Agriple, A startup democratizing the way we buy food emerged the winner! He created a platform that connects consumers directly to farmers

At CoLab, in North West, Kaduna, KadaFoods, a startup reducing post harvest losses and maximizing profit for farmers emerged the winner! He created a system to process fruits and vegetables by drying them thereby enabling them to last longer and be available in off-seasons.

At Ighub, in South East, Abia, KR Foods, an integrated palm oil processing company won the grand prize!

According to Startup Nigeria, Layer3ng as their Partner on the Startup Nigeria program. They will be providing cloud services to the top ten Startups as well as the Startups that went through the incubation stage for the duration of the Startup Nigeria program!

Layer3Cloud is a purpose built Infrastructure as a Service platform running on VMware's cloud provider platform and out of secured data centers in Nigeria. It offers customers the ability to build and distribute their workloads across multiple data centers while also enabling them to keep their data in Nigeria, and as such, closer to their users. These solutions are all backed by the company's world-class support.

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