N-Power Volunteers Take This Poll To Show NPower Your Monthly Savings

N-Power is conducting a survey on twitter using poll to determine Volunteers monthly savings. It is very important that all N-power Volunteers under the payroll of N-Power head to N-Power twitter handle to participate in the poll as that may ginger N-Power on the next action to take in terms of beneficiaries stipends. Who knows, may be it may encourage them to increase your monthly payment.

Join the N-Power poll below:

Some of you that has been complaining that delay in payment make it so difficult for volunteers to save; considering how hard you fight to ensure that you survival before you're due for payment almost the lion share of the money is used to settle debt. Kindly see this poll as the channel where you can disaminate your opinion regarding the matter at hand. /p>

Please do not fill the poll alone, share with other volunteers and encourage them to participate

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