Aside N-Power Programme, It Is Hard To Get Other Jobs - NPower Volunteers Lament

An N-Power Volunteer shared an article on NPower Discussion Group on Facebook titled "THE CORRUPTION AND INJUSTICE OF RECRUITMENT AGAINST NPOWER VOLUNTEERS" and we thought it will be nice if we share on our blog.

He wrote:

Upon a time during the the first tenure of the administration of His Excellency President Mohammodu Buhari a call was made to thousands of Nigerians who are unemployed and are willing to apply for the N-Power Programme of the Federal Government as volunteers. The N-Power is one of the National Social Intervention Programme (NSIP) of this administration, many willingly applied and were shortlisted, verified into the Programme and then sent to a place of primary assignment (PPA) where they are rendering various services like Teaching (N-Teach) Health workers( N-Health) Agric extension workers/Animal Health (N-Agro) N-Tax inclusive and receiving monthly stipend of #30,000.

While the N-Power beneficiaries sincerely remain grateful to the Government for their efforts and concerns to reduce poverty and unemployment in the country, It is also important for the Government to quickly look into and consider the sacrifice of N-Power volunteers especially in schools, Farms and primary Health centre/Hospitals etc. Further more it is obvious that some months ago some government establishment carried recruitment exercise which was officially advertised namely among others; Federal Road Safety Commission, Federal Fire Service, Nigeria prison Service, Nigeria Custom Service, NNPC and most recently is Civil defense and NDLEA been awaited.

We want to bring to the notice of the government that we have been applying, as we are advice to do but sadly majority of us are not been Considered. And this raises a lot of questions begging for answers.

What is the basis and criteria used to employ others?

Does it mean that most of the N-Power volunteers are incompetent and Unqualified especially 2016 batch who are still volunteering? Can we know the number of persons who were able to secure a place in the above recruitment from N-Power volunteers?

Was the recruitment base on Recommendations or Merits?

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