N-Power October 2019 Stipends Payment Update

The month of October has come to an end, and as usual the N-Power volunteers will be expecting their usual stipends payment for October work done. They volunteers have now accustom with the new payment schedule which normally used to be at the end of every month now changed to first week of every new month.

Nevertheless, we know that they are optimistic that the management of N-Power will effect payment as when due if possible before the first week of November 2019. Lately, the beneficiaries have displayed maturity in the way the conduct themselves while they wait for stipends payment. Now you no longer hear complaints about late stipends payment.

As you await for your October stipends, what are your transition plans? Were you able to save some money from your stipends since the programme commenced in 2016 to transition into something worthwhile?

These are questions you should be asking yourselves

While you find answers to all this questions, remember that the N-Power Transition path has been added back on the NPVN Portal but some are still finding it difficult to access the transition path. For those who are find it difficult to select a path, we have got you covered.

Click this post => Tricks To Successfully Select N-Power Transition Path and follow the procedures in there, you will be able to make your selection

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