Tips On How N-Power Tech Volunteers Can Make Money After Training

As an N-Power Tech Hardware/Software beneficiaries undergoing training, do you know that the goal is to equip you with the skill to help you make substantial income after your training? Well to share more light on this, we have decided to share with you on how you can use the skills gain after training to remain productive, relevant and equally make some income.

Unlike the N-Power graduate Programme, the N-Power non graduate component which Tech hardware and software belong to, are more or less an investment on the part of the beneficiaries to be empowered on the first century skills to be equipped with digital job skills.

Upon completion of training, some of the tech beneficiaries will move on to work for some giant Tech Companies that may need their skills, others may decide to establish their own enterprise. For those who may want to establish their own enterprise after the training this tips is for you.

Technology is now simplifying the way people do conduct themselves and how they do businesses. As a result of this trends, people tend to source for individuals with the type of skills N-Power is offering you. That is why we are informing you today that you can capitalize on that opportunity to earn substantial income after your training.

Businesses are looking for individuals with Social Media Management Skills, those who can help them manage their social media business page to generate more lead. Others are sourcing for the services of professional web-designers, graphic designers, Search Engine optimization (SEO) professionals and application developers etc.

As an N-power tech trainee, you stand a chance to be consider for any of these jobs after your training because your proposal will standout among others if you make it through the training successfully.

There are many digital jobs website you can join as a freelancer to offer your services and get paid. Website like upwork,

You can even decide to open your tutorial classes after the training to teach people who may wants to learn your skills and get paid in return.

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