NPVN Profile Login Error Message - What You Need To Do

Some of you have complained that you are finding it difficult to open your NPVN Profile. So, we decided to create this post to help you solve that problem.

At the moment lots of volunteers are trying to access the NPVN Portal to select N-Power transition path, as a result of that many of you trying to login with weak browsers will experience error login message. Do not panic when you see the login error message while trying to access the npvn portal because you are not alone on this one. The site is loaded with massive traffic which may hinder the page to render correctly on weak network and browsers.

If you are among those who are finding it difficult to logon to the NPVN Portal, do the listed things below to correct the issue:

  • When you try to login to the npvn portal and you receive a pop-up error message instead, refresh the page and try to login again
  • Try login in with different browser, if one failed the other may open.
  • Try to clan your browser cache
  • When accessing the npvn portal make sure you use a Strong network connection

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Note that you can either use your smartphone or computer to access your npvn profile to enable you select the Transition path. Make no mistakes when selecting your path because there is no going back after you make your final selection.According to N-Power you are allow to make up to two selection.

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