Questions And Answer On N-Power October - November Stipends Payment

According to N-Power volunteers today's date is 57th October 2019 in N-Power payment calendar, this is how they volunteers usually calculate the date when there are delay in payment of their stipends. The social media is buzzing with questions as of when N-Power will effect October payment, some are saying the payment may be done today but all are just rumor. We however pray that the rumor should eventually turn to possibility.

To keep nerves calm, we have decided to compile these questions and answers regarding the N-Power October and November Stipends Payment. Read below:

1) What caused the delay in N-Power October Stipends Payment?

ANSWER: According to N-Power the delay in October stipends was as a result of the processes in transition to the new Ministry of Humanitarian affairs.

2) When will N-Power October Stipend be paid?

ANSWER: N-Power have not specified a specific date to effect the payment but do stated that hopefully payment might commence this week.

3) Will N-Power pay both October and November Stipend together?

ANSWER: In the history of N-Power payment, double payment of existing beneficiaries has never been done at once except for those own backlogs. However, anything can happen this month since there are two month accumulated stipends to be paid, volunteers might end up getting double alert or one alert then followed by the second in few days.

4) Will the 2016 N-Power Volunteers stop receiving Alert this year?

ANSWER: The answer to this question is inconclusive! until N-Power publicly give and official statement regarding what the future holds for the 2016 batch Npower beneficiaries .

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Finally, we will like to advice volunteers to keep calm, and keep praying that their aspiration for the way forward regarding this programme will come to reality and their dreams will be fulfill.

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    Pls my question is that what is the stand of Npower hadware technology after their are PPA assignment. Thanks.


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