The Competition Between Existing And Prospective N-Power Volunteers In Review

The rate at which the labour market is growing with job seekers competing for relative opportunities has made things more difficult to find a job these days. As a result of that, most applicants have resulted to focus on N-Power programme as the only way to step into the employment zone

These days, it has become a competition of words between the existing beneficiaries and the prospective applicants of the N-Power Programme. In as much as the existing beneficiaries want to continue enjoying the programme (Permanency), so also the prospective applicants, on the other hand, are hoping for the disengagement of the existing beneficiaries so that they can also get a chance to taste the National cake as the always say.

The N-Power Programme is designed by the Federal Government of Nigeria to help young Nigerians acquire and develop life-long skills to become solution providers in their communities. Currently, there are about 500,000 of Nigerian graduates benefiting from the graduate category of the N-Power programme and thousands of Nigerian youths benefiting from the non-graduate category component.

There is need for the Government to come up with a strategy in order to accommodate more Nigerians willing to participate in the NPower programme to acquire skills. Since the programme from all reunification has impacted Nigeria youths positively by engaging them in a place of primary assignment (PPA) and making them productive rather than engaging in crime.

However, we call on the Government to maintain the same free and fair recruitment process that they have received the accolade for in the past, now that the Administration of the programme has been moved to the Ministry of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development and are getting ready to recruit new applicants in 2020.

We also urge the Government to look into the matter of 2016 existing beneficiaries transition path so that each and every one of them will have the opportunity to be transit into better opportunities rather than disengaging them back to the street.

By so doing, both the existing beneficiaries and prospective N-Power volunteers will have a level playing ground and everybody will be happy.

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