An N-Power Volunteer Reacts To Senate Motion To Pay Unemployed Nigerians Stipends Until Employed

By Otunba Tayo Omoluabi

Surprisingly, Nigeria senate made a motion for Nigerians youths. As l asked in previous post that who would speak for the children of poor who had nobody to speak for them as our mates who had connections got immediate government job immediately they finished their school program, where we are seeing them like kings and queens among us. These people we went to the same schools, we have the same qualifications with them but their luck and connections got government appointment for them without any delays,we don't envy them because lucks aren't the same

Npower, is a job for common people irrespective of your school and qualifications at least you will get your daily meal if you can't live a luxurious life like our colleagues who connected ,we don't envy them their luck, connections and available spaces in Civil service provide advantages for them.

Surprisingly, yesterday, the Nigerian senate talked on our behalf that "Unemployed Nigerians should be paid stipends until they get jobs " it was like a dream and majorities saw it as the first time to speak on behalf of Nigerian youths especially poor Nigerians. Although until it becomes law before we are fully sure and agreed with them that they spoke for the youths.

Moreover, let's appreciate them for the move because majorities see them as if they aren't our sides if this is totally become law poor Nigerians graduates will have sense of belongings and those our brothers and sisters in schools will study hard because there would be hope of getting something after school program if government work cannot circulate the masses this will help money government is spending on education because there would be a reward after school.

Although, majorities are agitating for permanency for both batches and for recruitment for others, this is a good move and right assumptions because Nigeria has enough money to cater for this if we consider billions of dollars spending on capital projects that have nothing to do with the masses.

If this government makes permanency sure for both batches and have provisions for our brothers and sisters who are looking for this kind of opportunities or they fulfill their motion debating in the house on monthly stipends majorities of them don't need to stress themselves in the upcoming elections because, the road, electricity, street lights etc will not vote for them it's we that they focus will come out in mass to appreciate them.

Please don't let us against the motions, let them start somewhere, with God everything is possible.

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