Unemployment, Insecurity Said To Be The Major Cause Of Nigerians Moving Abroad

The sudden love of Nigerian professionals and unemployed youths yearning to move to country such as Canada, USA, Australia, UK and other developed country is as a result of unemployment, poor working conditions, corruption and insecurity etc.

Research has shown that most Nigerian professionals and the unemployed youths search mostly for process needed to travel out of the country and when the opportunity presents itself, they don't look back before grabbing chance, in fact some of them will do anything just to get the opportunity to travel out of the Country.

Nigerians love getting busy, they like to work and make money to cater for their family needs. Due to that, they hate anything that would keep them isolated which make them feel less important.

For the past decade, our leaders seems not to have found the remedy needed to tackle unemployment as thousands of fresh graduates flood the street in search of of jobs every year on-top of the already populated labour market.

lack of equitable distribution of the National resources is also a problem. While the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer because of the corruption that has eaten deep into the system. Leaders who are elected to represent their community eventually abandon those who elect them and concentrate mainly on how to enrich their family living the majority of the people un-empowered and pron to crime.

Nigerians are peace loving people, the love to mind their business. That is why they feel reluctant to confront their leaders for bad governorship, even if the do will they be listen to? That is why some of them rather prefer to find alternative root to free themselves from poverty by migrating to places they can achieve their dreams when the opportunity present itself.

That is not withstanding, there are lots of Nigeria who will prefer to stay in Nigeria rather than moving abroad because of love for country.

This Administration has done some work in making sure that the keep the youths out of street through social investment programmes such as NPower programme which we believe the can do more to create employment and eventually tackle poverty and reduce the brain drain by developed country from Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

A Nation that invest in his people create a stable environment for all.

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