Sign That You Are Using A Recycled Phone Number

Phone numbers are special/important valuables to the end users, in most cases it serve as key point and access to links of users daily activities but what happens when someone phone number has previously been assigned to someone else? This are practices that has affect many accounts and has lead to increased risk for the integrity of many phone numbers.

Recently there was an issue between the president daughter Hanan Buhari and Anthony Okolia who was illegally detained for possessing a phone number he purchased years after it was allegedly abandoned by Hanan Buhari daughter of Nigeria President. Many sim card users have come out since the incident stating the experience the had with the authority due to sim card recycling the term use by the industry.

What is sim card recycling and how to identify if your sim card has been recycled before.

Sim Card recycling is the process when that deactivated or disconnected number gets assigned to someone else.

Sign that you are using a recycled sim card

  • If you did a sim swap or welcome back from an unauthorized sim vendor, there is probability that you might end up with a recycled sim card
  • If you keep getting calls from unknown people or text messages of someone else bank alert, there is probability that your sim card has been use before.

To keep you personal data secure and protected, it is very important that sim card should be purchase from authorize sim cards vendors and also sim swap and welcome back should be done at an authorized sim swap point so that you wont wake up one day and hear that the phone number you have been using is not yours.

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