An NPower Volunteer One Eye Got Blind By Students In His PPA At Akwa Ibom State

Secondary School Students stone NPower staff and blind one of his eyes in Akwa Ibom State


An N-Power staff (beneficiary) was unfortunate on Wednesday as he was stoned in the eye by students of Government Technical College, Ewet in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State capital.


The yet-to-be identified N-Power staff was stoned in the right eye by an unidentified students, following the riot that broke up in the school between two rival cult groups. The students were wearing red head scarfs and red clothes and went from office to office to vandalize school properties.

They vandalised Teacher's cars, principal and vice principal's offices and other school properties.


When the police came to arrest them, they resist the police arrest by throwing stones at everyone including staff in the school. And unfortunate for the N-Power staff, he was stoned in one of his eyes which later went blind.


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