What To Know About The Video Everyone Is watching

How Amazing Nigerians can turn anything to trend - I Have The Video is what is trending since yesterday. Some Nigerians has been asking for the video that everyone is watching, what some of them don't know is that the video does not exist. It is just a trend!

Trend can be a topic that is the subject of many post on social media website or application within a short period of time. So the new trend now is I have the video and everyone have joined the new trend on social media looking for the non existing video that everyone is watching, how easy it is for Nigerians to create trends from anything.

The amazing thing about this trend is that other videos get to be watched by those who are confused and become anxious to watch the video. From mad ooh, now to I have the video all means nothing it is just slangs used to confuse others and then get the confused ones end up asking for which video.

Not long ago, the photo of the crying head boy went viral and became a trend, almost everyone was using the image to make jokes. Today it is I have the video that is trending across all social median platform in Nigeria.

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