Summary Of NPower State Executive Meeting Held In Ministry Of Sport And Youths Development, Ilorin

Sequel to our meeting which was held yesterday at the Ministry of Sports and youth development, Ilorin, before I go beyond this line, I most firstly commend our indefatigable/tirelessly state chairman in person of *Salaudeen Mubarak* for his untiring efforts, he's indeed a selfless leader.

The meeting which kicked off around 10:00am lasted until 1:30pm and several important issues were deliberated and was given positive suggestions out of which are:

1. Commitment on the part of Npower beneficiaries

2. Permanency tussle

3. Batch B devices collection

4. Cases of backlog

The aforementioned points were promptly discussed to the best satisfaction of every attendees, thus:

I.) Commitment: The issue of absconding PPA is increasingly growing and is becoming a national concern which he described as "handicapping our quest for permanency", he lamented and show some level of dissatisfaction, he was angry that we want our quest and his struggles to die in the water, because even an insane person can't employ us with that habit, he encourage us to adjust.

He further made it known to us that, the FGN is spending nothing less than #15bn monthly to pay our stipends but some of us sees it as a share of our national cake, it's very ridiculous, he further said that if it were to be our share of the national cake as some us understand, every citizen of Nigeria should have being entitled for it, so on this note, measures were but in place to decisively deal with erring beneficiaries who can't defend why they were absent from their designated PPAs.

II.) Permanency, this is where there's big issue, the chairman is making every thing possible to see that the struggle never end here, in his relentless service, he was able to meet with some HOR members, senators and of course the state governor's representative to submit and remind the governor of our plight, in which the governor assured him of the followings:

1. When ever there's massive teachers recruitment, Npower will be automatically given some certain percentage.

2. KWA-SIP (Kwara Social Investment Programme, which is just like Npower) will be available for application any moment from now and as well, Npower will be considered despite receiving stipends from FG, that doesn't affect it.

In chairman's effort to see that our expectations were met, he and all other state chairmen, writes to the office of the minister of humanitarian affairs and disaster management for a possible for courtesy visit/dialog, so they're now waiting for her approval. And as for batch A, who are persistently on panic mode, he said I should assure you never to panic, stipends payment is not ending soon, every beneficiary will be receiving his entitlements until final decision is made as regards this programme.

3. Device collection for Batch B, he said all hopes shouldn't die, plans on device selection are underway, FG lamented on lost of several device on transit during distribution for batch A, so they never want the same thing to happen this time, so be rest assured, your devices are your entitlements just as your stipends.

3. Backlogs, the issues of backlog is just 8% according to data made available, he said any beneficiary having issue of backlog should Channel his/her complain to [email protected] and you will be attended to anytime, note, don't send for more than once.

Note: The fact they didn't reply you doesn't mean they did not actually receive it, once you're notified "Sent" you don't need to resent it, he give references to how we're giving them multitude of unnecessary work in their office, many volunteers that are not owned backlog are still sending messages to them, so they are finding it tedious to get to those who are really being owed, according to them, they receive nothing less than 3,000 messages everyday, and making it very difficult to ascertain those that have issues, but for the interest for you that I represent, I logged in our complain personally as regards to backlog, resignation and sudden change in the status of some beneficiaries to *Hold*

1. Zonal Coordinators Kwara Npower Groups

2. LG Coordinators

3. _District Coordinators

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