Virus Season - How To Avoid Scammers Attempting To Wreck Your Account

At a time when the world is battling with Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and most activities are done from home because the situation has force everyone into Isolation, it is also very important that you take safety measures to avoid scammers that maybe trying to wreck havoc inside your account.

Nevertheless, to keep our blog readers updated and safe from this sort of things, we have created this post to help you shine your eyes. Read the safety measures below:

1.) If 'they' call you and ask for your account details, drop the call on them immediately. Your bank knows you and won’t ask you for your account details.

2.) If 'they' call you and ask you to send your ATM or card PIN or date of birth or any other personal info, sing egungun be kiafu for them!

3.) If 'they' call you and say your ATM card has been blocked. Tell them issokay you will go to the branch to unblock it yourself after Corona.

4.) Be #ScamSmart. Socially and sensibly distance your money from any attempt by scammers to get your personal banking details

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