BRISIN Recruitment - First Application Status Still In Progress Three Years After

Three years after, the basic registry and information system in Nigeria(BRISIN) 2018 first recruitment application is still in progress.

After the first stage recruitment application process, applicants were shortlisted and shortlisted candidates were informed of the online Exams for the final stage selection process for the 2018/2019 Brisin job recruitment. The Exam took place on the 25th of March to 1st of April 2019.

Prospective Applicants were told then that new recruitment for 2019 will commence nationwide after the first recruitment of 2018 is concluded and since then, the status of the recruitment application for the first stage of 2018 is still in progress. Hope this is not an abandon project.

The Basic Registry and Information System in Nigeria is an integrated and all encompassing system for collection, storage and distribution of data and information to support the management of the economy and socio-economic development. It facilitates and guarantees regular and continuous assessment and management of population and administrative institutions in Nigeria. Data and Information in BRISIN will be accessible in Wards, Local Government Areas and States of the Federation.

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