FMARDPACE Shortlisted Enumerators Remuneration and Validation Criteria

Following the successful completion of the enumerator test, FMARD/PACE have started sending out notification to successful selected applicants enrolled as an enumerator in the Agriculture For Food and Jobs Plan (AFJP) to participate in a nationwide farmer/ farm enumeration exercise over the next 10 days.

According to FMARD/PACE, if you are selected and accept to participate in this exercise as an enumerator. you will be deployed within 24 hours. Your Master Trainer will be communicated, who will be your supervisor throughout the exercise.

As an AFJP enumerator, you are required to work under the supervision of your assigned master trainer to identify and register farmers and their farms in your assigned wards using the designated ODK Collect App on the use of which you were trained.

Remuneration: your remuneration is based on the number of surveys successfully submitted. A total of Three Hundred Naira (N300) is available for each VALIDATED farmer/farm captured in two tranches. N150 for each submitted farmer/farm data at the end of every week and a balance of N150 in 30 days after the exercise is closed. This period is to validate the authenticity of the information submitted. Specific emphasis is placed on the quality and integrity of the data captured by you.

Criteria for Validation: The data to be captured comprise of the 'farmer' details and the ‘farm’ as detailed in the ODK collection app. MARD/PACE have asked that you submit only genuine data as this determines your final payment. The Farmer must be a real farmer as well as his/her farm where you registered him/ he. The personal information about the farmer/farm must not be forged (if we discover the data is forged. it will be disqualified, and payment will not be made for it).

Congratulations to the successful selected enumerators and welcome to the Nation Agricultural Assets Survey team.

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  1. I didn't write the test but I have conducted all the steps! What can I do next?

  2. I didn't see any link for test.

  3. I wrote the test already and yet i didn't receive any congratulatory message/e-mail yet, so what is my fate?

  4. I received congratulatory text and I filled the engagement form but no any mail again

  5. I received the email but didn't write the text please what do I do?

  6. Abvice:their is need for text SMS for the test due to the shortcomings of emails msg this one of the basic reason 78% of volunteers don't take the test..

  7. I am batch B N-Teach Volunteer. I took my test on Wednesday 10th June, 2020 and scored 72% expecting an email in 72 hours, but I haven't seen any mail yet.

  8. I am batch A N-Teach volunteer. I took my test on Sunday 7th June,2020 and scored 67% expecting an email in 72hours, but I haven't seen any mail yet.

  9. I missed the test what is the way forward


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