Latest Update On FMARD NPower Validation Registration - A Must Read

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD) has updated the NPower Validation Registration form and added BVN and other things. This is good news for those who have not done their registration or those who did but were not successful during the registration.

  • If you had validated your profile for the ongoing Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development(FMARD) Validation,you are requested to go back to the same link to input your BVN.
  • If you had not done the validation before, do so for your own good.
  • It is pertinent to note that you MUST use your Npower Registered email address and Npower Registered phone number to do the validation (i.e use the email address and phone number in your Npower profile).
  • In case you had forgotten the requirements in No 3 above, Kindly log in to your Npower profile to copy them correctly.
  • There is a provision for PASSWORD and CONFIRM PASSWORD. It does not mean your Npower Profile Password (NPP). Create any password you can remember aside your Npower Profile Password.

NOTE: do not give your NPower profile password to anybody even if it is the person that want to assist you with your validation registration.

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  1. Npower is one of the ways to show that PMB knows what he is doing regarding governance and love for nigerNi

  2. honourable minister, if u were an npower beneficiary. ..will u listen to next week
    well done for your next week 😂

  3. Thank you very much for the Read Also link. It was very helpful, I followed it and was able to complete the registration successfully. I applied on Saturday but did not get an email verification, and every other attempt to reapply kept displaying that email has been taken, following your guideline I reapplied and got a message from NAAS and was able to activate the account.

    1. ok every one has get massage from nass that mean they has sucesess?

  4. "This is good news for those who have not done their registration or those who did but were not successful during the registration."

    Mr. Blogger you don't know what you are saying. If you go back to the form to refill and add BVN, for those who filled the form without BVN, it will still write email has already been taken.

    Would you advice the person to use different email address????


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