Nigerians Reacts To Atiku Suggestions On Lawmakers Salary Cut This Pandemic Time

The former vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar took to his twitter handle and suggested that the lawmakers and other political appointees salaries should be slashed at this pandemic period. According to him, the massive budgets to run both the presidency and the legislature has to be downsized. The buget for puchacing luxury cars for the president, his vice, and other political office holders must be abandoned.

He also said, leave the salaries of civil servants alone but reduce the salaries of political appointees. Sell 8 or 9 of the jets in the Presidential Air fleet. Any budget slash that is less than 25% will not be in the interest of Nigeria.

He went on to say that we must invest in the goose that lays the golden egg, the Nigerian people. These are the types of sacrifices that we need in a time of crisis. We do not need empty gesture that will lead to empty treasuries.

However, some Nigerians reacted to the former vice president suggestion as followed:

Forcaster said: when you had the chance you din't advice the president or implement this idea but you are now saying this after you left the office. Nigeria my Cpountry, you are really doing well ooooin.

Yusuf Damau said: selling of jets will not make any effort sir. The only and the easiest option for them now is to sell that unused and usless Company(NNPC).

Okoro said: They leave the salaries of political appointees and electives and be looking at the small salary our parents are paid.

Godfrey Said: Sir, you din't mention the removal of fuel subsidy. Was it deliberate or don't you think its shrouded with fraud? The masses for which the subsidy is intended benefit 35% of the allocated billions.

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