Things To Know About NPower NPVN Portal Passport And Deployment Letter Disappearance

Some of you has been complaining about the disappearance of the passport, deployment letter and ID Card uploaded on the NPower NPVN Portal. And you are worried and confused on what to do. So, we decided to post this article to explain what the issue might be.

The fact of the matter is that, there is nothing wrong with the old passport, deployment letter and ID Card uploaded earlier. It was just hidden by NPower to probably save space and allow the portal to load fast thereby reducing data needed to load the website. As you all know, there are about 500,000 volunteers accessing the NPVN Portal.

Your uploaded credentials are still intact so there is no need to upload new ones except NPower ask you to do that. So you don't have to be confuse or start panicking about that at this time. Remain calm and stay safe.

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