Difference Between NALDA Volunteer And Buhari Young Farmers

The National Agricultural land development authority (NALDA) which was established in 1992 but ceased to exist and function in 2000 before President Muhammadu Buhari led administrative revived it is the point of discussion.

The NALDA Volunteer programme provides opportunities for eligible Nigerians to contribute their volunteer actions, where suitable, to support the work of NALDA in the NALDA pilot projects. The Programme which will last 6 months will tactically organize broad-based volunteer services of eligible Nigerians to meet the targets of the three main pilot projects of NALDA to guarantee food and nutrition security in Nigeria.

NALDA is now receiving application in two categories to achieve his goals and objective. So we decided to create this post to give you an insight into the differences between the NALDA volunteer and the Buhari young farmers network.

If you apply for the NALDA Volunteer category, you will probably work with NALDA to perform tasks willingly especially helping NALDA to achieve its goals and objectives. The running of activities in the NALDA Office, attending to farmers, field surveys, and others will be assisted by the volunteers.

If you apply for the Buhari young farmer network and lucky to be selected among the 2000 candidates to be trained in the area of an enterprise (Poultry production, crop production, animal rearing, or Fish production) starting with 100 young Nigerians in each local government across the country. NALDA will partner with governors for the provision or donation of land and other stakeholders.

You can choose to apply between Buhari young farmers network and NALDA Volunteer. If need details on how to apply, OPEN HERE

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