How To Survive Without Npower - A Story Of An NPower Bricklayer

With NPower or without NPOWER you will survive, as long as you learn skills.

There's a particular guy in my hostel that do mock me anytime he sees me during my bricklaying work or moulding block, him along his friends even give me a nickname "ASP" meaning "Abba Suffer Pass" 😂😂😂

Anytime they see me coming to hostel either holding my shovel/trowel they'll pinch each other and started laughing. I ignored them bcoz I know if I didn't work nobody will give me money, I was so confident that I do work near my hostel.

So one evening I was inside my room and someone knock my door I stood up to open and I find the same guy that use to laugh me at my door.

He said I should pls help him with #150 to buy Noodles that he hasn't eaten since morning and didn't go to school bcos of T.fare, he said his uncle didn't send him money as he promise. I reach out to my wallet and gave him #600 that he should cook spaghetti instead of noodles and use the remaining change to go school the next day. My guy was so grateful he hugged me and now apologize for all the wrong words him and his friends has been saying to me.

Anything you do that pay your bills and put food on your table be proud of it, in as much as it's legal and scripturally don't be shy let people know this is what I do.

I notice many of we young people are ashamed to let people know this is what we do, that's why many of us live fake life and claim levels we're not up to. If a banker/doctor can be proud of he does why won't you a carpenter/painter be proud of what you do.

You know how to make hair but because you're in school you suspended your skill and you'll sit in your hostel hungry and begging someone to send 3k for you when there's something you know how to do.

You sell Akara(beans cake) be proud of it, you work as a fuel attendant be proud of it,you're a bus conductor be proud of it, you're a keke rider be proud of it, you're a mechanic be proud of it, you're a tailor pls be proud of it don't join people to look down on yourself.

If a Yahoo boy ( Internet fraudster) can be proud of his hustle what about you? Quickly celebrate what you do in the comment box.

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