Six Questions NPower Answered About Batch A And B June, July Exit

NPower has publicly agried that the news about NPower batch A and B disengagement is true. They took to their twitter handle to answer beneficiaries questions regarding the exit news.

NPower had previously warned volunteers to stay off rumor relating to disengagement that if anything comes up, they will share it first on their platforms. Well they have finally confirmed the news on their twitter handle.

NPower volunteers rush to NPower twitter handle after the exit news surfaceb online to ask questions. Below are six questions asked by volunteers and NPower responbse regarding the exit of Batch A and B Volunteers:

1. Volunteer: Sir is it true that you guys are exiting batch A and batch b by June 30?

NPower Answered: Yes Ma'am Batch A June 30. Batch B July end.

2. Volunteer: Disengagement without anything?

NPower Answered: There will be a transition process sir.

3. Volunterr: What about those that havent been paid for the past three month?

NPower Answered: They will be paid Ma'am.

4. Volunteer: Can you share more light on the transition process?

NPower Answered: The transition process will be communicated to each beneficiary directly.

5. Volunteer: The decision of Npower to disengage batch B is what I termed crass Injustice. I strongly condemned such proposal. we will resist this with all means.

NPower Answerd: How is it injustice Sir?

6. Npower is it true that your batch C enrollment will commence on 26th June?

NPower Answered: It is true Sir

Source: Npower twitter page.

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