We Will Blacklist Enumerators Providing Fake Farmers-Farm Data - FMARDPACE

FMARD PACE has warned his Agriculture for Food and Jobs Plan (AFJP) enumerators against fake data capturing of farmers/farms. In a tweet shared by on its twitter handle stated as followed:

Dear Enumerator, We've noticed that some Enumerators have been providing false farmers/farm information. These Enumerators will be contacted and blacklisted, all their submissions expunged from our database. We strongly advise all Enumerators to desist from such sharp practices. said fmardpace.

At this point, we will like to advise the fmardpace enumerator to always Putin their best in making sure that they do the correct capturing of farmer's farm data. If you are having issues as an enumerator, you can contact fmardpace team on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for questions and answers. To contact farmardpace social media channels, visit any of the social media listed above and search for FMARDPACE.

According to fmardpace, going forward, all issues by volunteers regarding the ODK app and enumeration process should be directed to the Forum platform. Click here to see how to join the fmardpace forum. ODK app and enumeration process issues will only be addressed on the Forum said fmardpace.

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