How Npower Exit Protest Reveals The Unity Of Nigeria Youths

I have heard a lot of things about Nigeria youth, how divided they are! But the Npower programme has shown that Nigeria youth cares about each other when there is a common goal to achieve.

The Npower volunteers protest which took place on Thursday 23rd of July 2020 reveals that Nigeria youths are united.

It is our political leaders that are causing confusion between the youths in Nigeria through tribal, religion and other means.

I was amused by how Npower volunteers at this COVID-19 pandemic period came out in mass from the 36 states of Nigeria including FCT and gathered at Abuja for a common goal.

There was no hatred, no segregation, everyone gathered and was singing for a common object. That is how it should be.

If every Nigerian can be tolerant with each other just like Npower volunteers, despite there tribal and religious differences, Nigeria will be peaceful and great.

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  1. The npower payment platform is faulty,because many volunteers were paid double stipend in March while those who have resigned were also paid,in April and may,they also pay some volunteers double stipend and also paid again to those who have resigned for getting job. They're to list the names of those working in other ministries and their different ministries as prove,because the action may be challenged legally. Please pay us our 4 months stipend


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