Humanitarian Minister Held Virtual Meeting With Some Outgoing Npower Volunteers

On Friday, July 3rd Minister of humanitarian affairs held a virtual meeting with some of the outgoing Npower beneficiaries where she thanked them for their service to the nation while explaining the rationale behind the enrolment of Batch C.

According to the Minister, The volunteers thanked His Excellency, President Muhammadu Buhari for the opportunity.

She said It has been a week since the Npower registration portal opened to facilitate Batch C enrolment, over 3m young and eligible Nigerians have applied underlining the imperative of the programme.

Meanwhile, she was pleased to inform the participants during the virtual meeting that over 109,000 N-Power beneficiaries have become business owners and employers of labour since the programme was established in 2016 thereby boosting the economy and GDP.

Watch the video version below;

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  1. Please dont send us back to street Many of us has family A and B npower FG n

  2. Don't send us back to street pls pmb heip we are the one that volte for pmb

  3. You were saying that over 1k beneficiaries have established with 30k that doesn't even reached their hands at the appropriate time. You have also forgotten that majority of these beneficiaries have dependants. Perhaps I should say that you pretended not to know that it's 1k per day. The outgoing beneficiaries as you have wrongly labeled them, transported themselves during their service, feed, recharged their phones, bought some clothes to enable them look good in the cause of their daily routine, put food on the table for their families and so on. You should have been more constructive Madam Sadiya, The whole world would have reason with you if you had said that, when the beneficiaries came on board, you guys calculated the money and gave to them each to go and establish. I know vividly, that NPOWER would last for just two years from the beginning, but nonetheless, Federal government should also know that the rate of unemployment in the country has reached its elastic limit. therefore, sending the existing batches packing will make the program unsustainable. As Nigerian graduates, It's our right to be employed, to have a reliable source of income, to build a house, to be mobile, to own a family and finally to be an articulate fellow in the family and to the society at large. And I want to quickly remind you of something the honourable minister, and the thing is that, we are all in transit, whether we like it or not, we will all be gone someday, trying to gain more recognition from the president by introducing this will do your generation no good. The touching aspect of this write up is that you guys have rendered Nigerian graduates hopeless in the area of job advertisement, such that you always stated that the category of people who are eligible to apply to any vacancy should not be more than 35yrs. After you have intentionally denied them several opportunities because of nepotism and godfatherism. Last but not the least, just prepare for to recruit some more security personnel, perhaps you will be able to combat the new 500,000 jobless graduates who might eventually become enemies of the nation.

  4. whith regarding to people's whom they are applying npower bacth c we need to take care about them, because some of them they are applying The qualifications which is not yours,and some of them they are applying the qualifications of higher in situation in stead of their label,is better you keep your eyes veey very serious on them.

    Because anything you should do, you try to be a true person and pear Allah where ever you are.

  5. This is laughable, but then, what can we say, poor country, unintelligent sinisterly leaders. I cry for my beloved country!


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