Today's Latest Npower Batch A-B-C Answered Questions By Npower Team

It is not as quiet as it seems, Npower on its social media platforms has been providing answers to some of your questions. And we have compiled today's latest Npower news, questions answered to keep you updated. Read the details below:

Below are Seven questions Npower team answered about batch A, B, and C

1. Is Npower registration still going on? If yes when will it be closing?

Npower Answer: Registration is not closed yet and no date has been fixed for closure.

2. Npower, I learned that our accrued money has been looted by our despicable leader. How true.

Npower Answer: Hi Sir! No one has access to your funds. You are paid straight from the treasury single account.

3. Is it true that the minister of humanitarian affairs made clear to the News Agency that the reports of exit of batch A and B were not true?

Npower Answer: Fake news sir.

4. Are there any exams going on now?

Npower Answer: No sir.

5. Is the information circulating about Npower transition through the realtrify community platform from Npower?

Npower Answer: Kindly disregard it and share that it is fake news.

6. Is it possible to edit the Npower application form after final submission/

Npower Answer: No sir! You can not edit after the final submission.

7. How long does it take to pay Npower beneficiaries their June stipends. I believe and I know that you workers in ministry of disaster and humanitarian have all receive your June salary but you delay the beneficiaries stipends on hold till date.

Npower Answer: Hello! payment for those working behind the scenes have been moved to the GIFMIS platform so whatever you are going through, we are going through right with you. Difference is we understand.

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