School Reopening - Npower Volunteers Will Be Missed

The silent regarding Npower batch A and B exit transition by the Ministry of humanitarian affairs will surely affect activities in schools where Npower volunteers are been deployed to serve as teachers across the Country.

However, the management of Npower has disengaged the Npower batch A and B volunteers but it seems the disengaged volunteers are still needed in some schools where they are deployed to across the Country.

An N-power volunteer Just got a text message from his deployed school this morning about a staff meeting scheduled to hold tomorrow 3rd August 2020 at the school hall, Agenda of the day includes preparation of the school compound ahead of school resumption, preparation of the exiting students towards their forthcoming external examination, etc.

The funniest part is that the message indicated that he is the chairman of the committee as the only male teacher in the school, but it will be a big blow to his headteacher when he fails to attend the meeting, the reason being that batch A and B beneficiaries Have sacked all the Npower teachers that have been of great assistance to their school of PPA and the permanent teachers.

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The Management should have concluded batch C recruitment before exiting the batch A and B Volunteers. The School will feel the pain of resuming without Npower volunteers.

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  1. Some of the students are already used to npower teachers in their school while some of the schools will affected as the schools
    commenced resumption now.you will discover that some schools have only four staffs including the principal of the school and three or four none teaching staff.how will they cope.federal government need to look into this issues


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