FG Plan on Digital Economy And Role Of The Private Sector - VP Osinbajo

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo on the digital sector Pilar of the economic sustainability plan and the role of the private sector.

According to VP Osinbajo, every thing centers around the digital sector for example financial inclusion is important because we're expanding service in area like cash transfers to the protest and most vulnerable members of the society and to expand our reach, we require technology.

Digitalization is also important for education and e-commerce which has been made more important with the recent pandemic lockdown.

Government is working to expand e-education by collaborating with the private sector to fund and establish these programmes.

For us, the digital space is important which is why the digital economy is a major focus of the ESP.

"While we are led by the ministry of communication and digital economy, all the other ministries are involved because this is a full government project."

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We can't do anything without the private sector. The business of government is to create an environment that will allow the private sector take charge, said VP Osinbajo.

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