How To Register For The Jobberman Virtual Career Fair (A chance to get a job)

If you are among those who recently participated in the Jobberman employability skills training It is time for you to get that dream job, don’t you think? Jobberman is inviting you to register for its Virtual Career Fair to stand a chance to get a job.

You have the skills, you have the training, the certificate and you have the experience to put you at the forefront of your field, you’re basically a champion but where is the opportunity?

As a business dedicated to connecting your talent to opportunities, we have created the perfect platform to link you to your dream job.

The Jobberman Virtual Career Fair is happening live on Wednesday, 30th of September 2020. This fair will give you the opportunity to network with several potential employers in one location and ask questions about those opportunities in a no-pressure environment.

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To qualify for this, you need to get your profile on Jobberman to 100%.

What you stand to benefit:

  • A chance to get a job with one of our employer partners
  • World-class training opportunities via e-Iearning tools for FREE!
  • A platform to gain knowledge and network with all the right people.

How to sign up:

It's time for you to be a champion! Sign up now! Visit www.jobberman.com and register to qualify for this, you need to get your profile on Jobberman to 100%

If you have successfully completed your profile and you are yet to receive an invitation to the virtual career fair, please be patient. You will receive the invitation shortly.

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