Business Name Registration Fee And Steps Involved

Business Name Registration Fee And Steps Involved

We noticed that some of you are finding it difficult to register your business name with the Cooperate Affairs Commission CAC to enable you access some of the survivalfund/Support funds offering by the Federal Government. So, we decided to create this post to assist you with the steps needed to successfully register your business with CAC.

Registration steps for Business Names:

1. Check for availability of the Business Name.

2. Complete pre-registration form CAC-BNo1 (Online using Company Registration Portal) by visiting: https://services.cac.gov.ng/login

3. Pay filing fee Check the Fees for our Services here

Steps 1-3 can be completed on the COMPANY REGISTRATION PORTAL (CRP) https://services.cac.gov.ng/login

4. Prepare the signed scan copy of your pre-registration documents for upload as follows:

Note: lndividual/Proprietors can register business names without the services of the legal practitioner, chartered Accountant or Chartered Secretary.

To check CAC list of service fees, visit: https://www.cac.gov.ng/forms/summary-of-fees

a. Business name reservation cost - 500 Naira

b. Registration of business name cost - 10,000 Naira.

For some of you who may not be able to afford CAC business name Registration at the moment, there is an ongoing survivalfund scheme Application initiated by the Federal Government. 2500,000 business will get free business name Registration. CLICK HERE to see how you can benefit.

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