How To Login To Survival fund Dashboard To See Application Status

It is no longer news that the Federal Government has commenced the disbursement of the Survival-Fund to Successful payroll support Applicants. So we decided to create this post to share more light on how Applicants can login to their survivalfund Application dashboard to check their Status.

How to login and Check Your Application Status On Survivalfund Portal:

Note: When you Successfully login to your dashboard, you will either see verified or captured on you Status. Verified means that your application has been processed and you are ok to get paid. Do not panic if your status as the Employer is verified and your employee status shows captured, it will eventually turn to verified.

What "Captured" means in the verification process is that your details have been registered and is undergoing verification.

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  1. We want to appreciate the good work you people are doing at the Survival funds office to help reduce the hardship businesses are undergoing as a result of covid 19.
    It is highly recommendable how you go about your work.
    Thanks and God bless.
    In case one noticed against an employee name written incorrect can one re submit the information for that employees by you contact email. I have done that already, but to be sure if it was the right thing to do.

  2. I want to activate my Survival fund Account

  3. Please help me I want to include my account details please

  4. Is like those of us who applied in 2020, verified but not paid. We will get the disbursement in heaven.


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