Exited Npower Volunteers Lament Over Nexit Port Email Verification

The Npower Exited Beneficiaries have called on the Nexit portal managers to as a matter of urgency rectify the issue of non-delivery of verification email to Beneficiaries mail inbox to enable them to activate their NEXIT portal Account so that they can proceed with the Nexit Application proper.

Since the launch of the portal a few days ago, Applicants have been having restless days trying to fix the issue of email verification. Some of them get their NEXIT Account blocked due to multiple emails resend in order to get the verification mail after a successful Registration. Activation mail has a limit which when exhausted, you would need to contact support before you can even activate your account again.

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During the Registration, ‘Sign up’ is the initial step and not the only step. The Sign-up enables verification of your identities to ensure you are a Batch A or B Npower Beneficiary before granting you access to the available opportunities.

The Applicants are in panic mode already. So, they are calling on the management to make an official statement regarding the registration process to calm the situation down.

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  1. Hello dear, I'm finding it difficult to login in to the Nexit portal always getting this error massage oops " invalid email address or wrong password so what do do please.

  2. We have numerous issues with the registration. A lot of people are having one major problem. During the registration, some emails were wrongly registered and no opportunity to change them. Many of us have never accessed our mail one day. The Only way the support team can help out is allowing us imputing alternative email since we have the same bvn, names and phone number during registration. Some of us used mails that were registered with another person's phone number.So getting registration code requires the person to provide that phone number which some are no longer in existence. With our names, bvn and phone number, I think registered volunteers should be recognized. Pls. let the supportteam help us provide alternative email to solve our problem. In my own case I used abah [email protected] during the registration, and I want to replace it with [email protected] pls. Let the supportteam do something about this. I sent my complaint to [email protected] but no response. Thanks.

  3. We have one major problem: some of us used wrong emails during the registration and have never been able to access the mail. Others used mails that were registered with different devices belonging to the computer centres where they signed up and thus made them not been able to reactivate their google account. The supportteam should help in a way that one can use alternative email to solve this problem. Since names, bvn and phone numbers are there to verify a registered volunteers. Only email shouldn't be use else, there will be issues. We should be allowed to use alternative emais. Thanks

  4. A lot of issues are going on in this nexit portal which need to be addressed pls. Some of us find it difficult to edit our Data

  5. pls pay us our backlogs for five month we are hungry madam.

  6. I didn't received email for verification pls

  7. i have registered and after registration they send verification mail to my mail box to verify my mail which i did not see in my mail box i try it severally they keep on telling me verification mail has been sent successfully and up till now no verification message in my box please do something about it.thanks

  8. I have not received email for verification uptill now

  9. I don't have access to the email I used in registering npower. I lost the password and all efforts to recover the account have proved abortive. Please kindly allow another email or phone number. Thank you


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