How To Know If Your NEXIT Portal Records Is Uploaded And Submitted Correctly

How To Know If Your NEXIT Portal Records Is Uploaded And Submitted Correctly: For you to Know If you have correctly Uploaded And Submitted Your Records On NEXIT Portal, you must have undergone the three steps involved in the Registration process which we have covered in our previous post How To Successfully Sign Up For Npower NEXIT Opportunities

The latest update given by Nneka Ikem the special assistance media to HM Sadiya Umar Farouq shows that a total of 249,673 exited N-Power beneficiaries from Batches A and B have so far registered for the central bank of Nigeria Empowerment program. Out of the registered beneficiaries, 88,718 have uploaded and submitted their records! We believe that by now the figures quote above will by now increased.

So how do you know if you have successfully uploaded and submitted your records? For you to know that, you must have completed the record update written in Tips On How to Update Your NEXIT Portal Record Correctly.

  • You must have a login to the NEXIT portal and Sign up as that is the first thing to do
  • The Second thing to do during the NEXIT Registration is email verification. You will have to complete the first step which is Sign-up in order to get your email verification link sent to your email inbox
  • The Third step after email verification is to login to the NEXIT portal and click on the "Update Record" link to grant you access to update your records on the portal to qualify you the opportunities to access CBN Empowerment options.

Upon completion of your records and submitting them successfully, you will receive a pop up congratulatory message which signified that you have uploaded and submitted your records Successfully.

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  1. please help us tell madam say we are hungry should pay us our five months arrears for god sake.

  2. What is the solution to beneficiaries that are unable to sign up on the NEXIT portal with a pop up of 'email is not a beneficiary'?

  3. So helpful...
    Thank for this information.

  4. Please I need help, I have log in with my email in the first step but did not receive the verification email. I don't know what to do next now to receive the verification mail.

  5. I have inputs my records but local government of origin and residence refuse to open for update.what do I do

    1. Change your state of origin and residence and go back to your original records.

  6. We still can't register for Nexit because we can't access our mail

  7. It has written congratulations massage for me and I later to update it it didn't upload LGA resident and origin hope no problem


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