What You Need To Know About NEXIT Portal Exit Status Section

The NEXIT portal Dashboard has three sections which comprise the record update, edit status, and check exit status. The most feared section by the Applicants I believe is the check Exit section. Open Here to learn how to update your NEXIT portal record correctly

I understand your worries as a Npower Volunteer, the fear of anything exit is the beginning of wisdom. The NPVN portal has taught many Npower Volunteers that exit is no go area.

Unlike the NPVN portal exit section, the NEXIT portal check exit status section is where Applicants follow up on the progress of their application.

When you visit the NEXIT portal to check exit status, your status shows pending at the moment which means your application is under review which when fully verified then you can move forward to the next step.

NEXIT portal brings closure to N-power Batches A and B, the announcement of the launch of the NEXIT portal does not just signpost a fitting finale to the drawn-out transition and exit process for Batch A and B. It will provide Exited Npower Volunteers the opportunity to access CBN Empowerment options.

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The exited beneficiaries must provide the required information for placements into CBN‘s intervention options. The NEXIT portal will determine the suitability of applicants and access would be granted upon meeting the criteria and conditions set by the CBN.

The check Exit Status of the NEXIT portal is where you can follow up on the progress of your application. However, avoid too much Clicking on all sections so you don't get your account blocked. I guess you wouldn't want to start the trouble of contacting the NSIP Team for reactivation.

Visit How To Successfully Sign Up For Npower NEXIT Opportunities to see how you can apply for the NEXIT Programme.

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  2. I have applied since last week up til date no verification code send to my email till now ,my email is [email protected]


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