Latest News On Covid-19 Loan For Applicants

We noticed that there is massive approval of the NMFB Covid -19 loan for Applicants who have previously applied for the loan. The message is now been sent to selected Applicants and some of you may not know that you have been selected for the loan.

If you received the message below, kindly click the link to accept your loan.

Dear Applicant, Your COVID-19 Loan application is approved. Click https://covid19.nmfb.com.ng to accept the offer & get the funds in your account.

The second message for those who are yet to accept the loan offer goes like this:

Dear Applicant, You are yet to accept your Covid-19 TCF. Please do so before the close of business on 15/02/21 otherwise the funds will be recalled. Thank you.

As seen above, the deadline to accept the loan offer is Monday 15th February 2021. So, Don't wait for massage if you applied for the loan just go to the site in the link above and check with your BVN. Read also Today's Latest Nigeria Youth Investment Fund NYIF News

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