Six Things Delay In Nexit Implementation Can Cause

On today's latest Npower Nexit news, we will like to share with you five things delay in Nexit implementation can cause. If you want to know these six things read on.

It is no longer news that the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs in partnership with the CBN launched a new platform to provide the batches A and B exited Npower Volunteers the opportunities to select exit package. However, it has been months since the Ministry commenced Nexit Registration for the Exited Npower Volunteers but the silence from the part of the nexit team regarding the way forward is putting the Nexit Applicants in the dark. A situation that is generating a lot of reaction. Read also How To Register For Covid-19 Vaccination In Nigeria

Certainly, situations such as this may expose the Applicants to various injuries which need to be averted.

Five Things Delay In Nexit Implementation can cause

1) Injuries: these injuries could be mental or physical! Mental injury from the stress of losing a source of income and anxiety of waiting for nexit to begin. Physical injuries are injuries that may arise as a result of protest.

2) Exposing to scammers: Delay in implementation of Nexit may expose the anxious Applicants to fall into the hands of scammers who may want to take advantage of this delay.

3) Protest: Another thing that can happen is protesting, Applicants may result into expressing their grievance via protest because they think that the only language the government understands is protest.

4) Fake news: delay in Nexit implementation will give room for fake news. Read also Link To Check NMFB Covid-19 Household And SME Loan Approval

5) losing focus: Some of the Nexit Applicants are beginning to lose hope due to the delay in Implementation. The energy they put into registering for Nexit thinking that the Empowerment will be immediate is beginning to diminish. This can cause someone to lose focus.

Change In Plan: this is the most feared of them all! In fact, the batches A and B Volunteers exit package has been talked about in different forms. From transition part now to Nexit options. The volunteers feared that the Nexit might be politicized.

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