3 Latest Update About Nexit And Npower To Know Today

In today's latest Npower news- We will be sharing with you the 3 Latest Update About Nexit And Npower To Know Today. A lot has happened and questions are popping up regarding Npower, Nexit Programme, so we decided to create this post to keep you up to date with the latest Npower news.

1) The Nexit registration for N-Power Batches A and B is still ongoing and will be closed in a few days from now. Try to register if you have not so that you can benefit from the CBN Nexit Empowerment opportunities.

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2) Applicants still having Nexit login issues should send their details to [email protected] to get an instant response. Make sure the following details is included ( Name, Npower registration number, Npower Programme, date of birth, phone number, new email, and old email).

3) No batch C Applicant has been Shortlisted yet for the physical screening. The recruitment is still in the NASIMS Portal Records Update and test stage. Beware so you won't be scammed.

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