800K Npower Batch C Applicants Will Not Make It To The Promise Land


In today's latest Npower news - We will be telling you How 800K Npower Batch C Applicants will not Make It To The Promise Land (Would not get to the deployment state of the Npower Recruitment). So read on!

It is no longer news that the Npower batch C recruitment exercise which commenced in 2020 is getting to the final stage but not everyone that applied for the Programme will get to be deployed as a Beneficiary.

After the application period, 1,800,000 Prospective Applicants were able to Successfully update their records and take the compulsory test via the nasims portal which qualified them to the screening stage.

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At the screening stage, 500,000 Applicants were shortlisted for the first stream of the Npower batch C Programme. The stream 2 second batch of another 500,000 will subsequently be made in line with Mr. President's directive to engage 1,000,000 beneficiaries under the Batch C.

This takes us back to the discussion and what this post is all about! The shortlisted first stream applicants are at the gate of the promised land already, the only thing that will stop them from crossing the gate is failure to do biometrics fingerprint verification.

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The other 500,000 which will be Shortlisted for stream 2 out of the remaining 1,300,000 Applicants fate is unknown at the moment. At the end of the exercise, 800,000 Beneficiaries will be screen out and will not make it to the promised land. To avoid this situation, you might want to open here and read what you need to do.

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