Answers To Npower stream 2, Take Test, Hidden Score Questions


In today's latest Npower news - We have seen a lot of you asking the following questions:

1.will Npower stream 2 write another test?

2. Why am I seeing take test on my Nasims profile even after taking the test?

3) Why is my test result not showing in the nasims portal dashboard?

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So we decided to create this post to answer your questions. So let go straight to the point.

To answer your first question, whether the N-Power stream 2 will write another test or not? The answer to that question is No? The test earlier written is already captured and still stands.

To answer your second question as to why you keep seeing take test on your Nasims profile even when you have written the test before. The take test button is there but has been disfigured so even if you try to take the test again it will not work. But it might work for Special candidates though if there will be any.

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Thirdly, the reason why you no longer see your test score on the Nasims portal is that it is hidden by The management. Your test result has already been captured on the portal so there is no need to panic. It is just hidden and can still be disclosed at any time when the need arises.

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  1. What is the faith of those beneficiary in Batch A and B waiting for N-Exit and are part of those that apply Batch C and they have been shortlisted for biometric finger capturing.


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