Reasons To Be Careful With Website Giving Fake Npower Events Date


It is no longer funny how some copy and paste websites out there will go all the way in formulating news just to deceive gullible Npower Applicants to click through to their website. You will agree with me that this act has put many Npower Applicants into a panic mode.

A typical example of this is the news stating that Npower stream 2 will commence on the 15th of June 2021 which is not true. Nasims management has advised Applicants to always refer to their self-service portal for genuine updates. Read also Npower Batch C Stream 2 Commencement Date

The same fake news carriers have now composed news that the NPower batch C stream 1 will commence physical verification on the 25th of June 2021. Kindly note that any information regarding Npower that is not been Confirmed via Nasims self-service portal and has not been posted on the Npower discussion group is not confirmed.

Be informed that biometrics fingerprint verification for the stream 1 Shortlisted Applicants is still ongoing. Physical verification will commence when the verification is concluded. So disregard fake news that is not directly from the Npower Support team. You can check How To Chat With Npower Support Team Via NASIMS Portal

Furthermore, we advise all Npower Applicants Shortlisted or yet to be Shortlisted to keep in contact with their Nasims profile for any changes as that is where all Enrolment process is performed.

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