See Why Npower Batch C Physical verification Might Be Done After Deployment


In today's latest Npower news - we will be discussing issues relating to Npower batch C physical verification because there is a lot of speculation going on regarding the date for Npower stream 1 physical verification so we decided to create this post to share more light on what might happen. So read on!

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The Npower management team used a different method to conduct the batch C Recruitment. Unlike the previous batch A and B Recruitment where Shortlisted Applicants were requested to visit their various LGA to check their names and if Shortlisted then proceed for physical verification, the Npower batch C Process is entirely different because the Applicants has the opportunity to know their Shortlisting status on the NASIMS Portal.

For batch C, the new method of biometrics fingerprint verification might serve as what many are referring to physical verification at this stage of the process. If there will be any physical verification, it will be after the management has deployed the final 500,000 Successfully Shortlisted Applicants to their various state/LGA places of primary assignment.

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The fingerprint capturing authenticated an Applicants in various ways. It authenticates your BVN, bank account where your stipend will be paid to, and also Confirmed that you are a Nigerian as that are criteria for Enrolment for the Npower Programme.

Nevertheless, Applicants are advised to keep their original credentials Handy should Incase they are called for Physical verification. As that might be after your deployment.

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